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Fathers & Daughters – A Personal Story June 21, 2010

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Fathers & Daughters – A Personal Story

By: Bobbie Jones

            That time of year has slowly crept up on us and it’s time to celebrate the existence of that tall fellow who wears all those ties we keep buying.  Dad, our fathers, the one put on this earth to protect us – that’s whom we celebrate this time of year. 

            Lately, I have been hearing a lot of discussion and watched many debates among young women that honestly believe they can raise a child on their own minus a father for that child.  I am not talking about women who have been abandoned by their mates I am speaking of those that make a conscious decision not to involve the father in a child’s life.

            I can honestly say I don’t know what works for anyone else but I do know that if not for my dad my life would be so totally different today.  My dad was 60 years of age when I was born, yes, I said 60 and no he’s not Larry King, but a king he was as most fathers are in the eyes of their little girls.

            My mom would tell me the story of how desperately my dad wanted to have children but he was waiting to get married and he was waiting for my mom.  Mom had other ideas but by the time she turned 37 my dad had worn her down, as my mom tells it.  Dad must have been delighted at my arrival because my earliest memory is of him smiling and laughing and always around.

            As a young child I watched my dad work on a new house he wanted his family to move in to.  Every night during the week after he finished his day job he would come home, change clothes and go work on the house he was fixing up for us.  With the help of a friend my dad rewired the entire electrical system in that house and mind you my dad had no formal training as an electrician but he was resourceful and mom said he was born with all those talents.  By the time I was five we moved into that new house; now how old was my dad?

            My dad taught me so much from how to be resourceful, the benefit of hard work and the importance of having more than one skill in my repertoire but most importantly he taught me how to laugh.  My mom use to say my dad and I were the only two people she knew who could wake up in the morning smiling.

            I remember one day as a child I felt bad for taking the day off from school, I had a slight tummy ache.  However, that’s not the reason I felt bad, something tugged at my insides and I remember telling my mom that if my dad could get up and go to work every day at his age then I should be able to go to school.  Dad was teaching me the importance of pressing on without even trying or knowing he was doing so.

            So, you see I just don’t know how my life would have turned out if I didn’t have my dad in it but I am so thankful and grateful I did.  I hope everyone realizes just how important dads really are.

            Unfortunately, I lost my dad my first semester of college, and it was one of the most painful things I have ever had to go through.  For those of you who are so dearly blessed to hear your father’s voice when you need a word of encouragement – show him all the love and kindness and gratitude on this Father’s Day and all those thereafter.

God Bless.

 – Published on Bobbie’s Blog June 21, 2010 – For all the Fathers who wanted to read it. 

 – Article can also be found and viewed at www.AnnArbor.com – type in Fathers and Daughters in search box.


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