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Survey – Social Media – your thoughts March 21, 2010

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First of all thank you so very much for taking the time to visit my site and help me with my research.

     To make a comment on the Survey please take a look  (at the Right Side of the web page for the word Comments) click on the word comments and a box should appear where you can leave your comments.

1)  Has Social Media (i.e. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) gotten out of hand or is it a sign of the times or a necessary evil ?  Feel free to go into detail but please do not write a book… : )  but an explanation of your thoughts would be so greatly appreciated

 2 ) When it comes to Crushes or Dating what are your Deal Breakers?  What are the things someone can say or do that will send you running in the opposite direction ?

Feel free to answer one or both survey questions – and Thank you again in advance for all your help : )

Also feel free to go into details with your answers – Please don’t write a book   : ) but detailed answers are encouraged.

Surveys posted by Ms. Bobbie Jones for research, fun and just a little mystery




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