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Surface Living Leaves You Empty March 4, 2010

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Surface Living, Pushes Love Away

  By: Bobbie Jones

            It’s that time a year again – spring, what people call the “Season of Love.”  It sure seems to be a glorious time; the sun is out and gone are the dark, gloomy days of winter.  In its place are brightly colored flowers and beautiful spring wear.  With all that bountifulness who wouldn’t want to think about love.

             With spring and love being in the air I figured there couldn’t be a better time than now to share with you some valuable information that I have learned about life and love along the way.

             Taking a look at this thing called love or what we think of as love lead me to conduct my own research on what we look for when pursuing love and what I found may not even shock you.  I say this because many of you reading this may fall into the same societal traps.  The dictionary’s definition of love is the deep affection and warm feelings for another and none of what I’ve found reflects any of that.

             Example one:  I interview this 40 year old 6’3’’ gentleman of Italian decent and he just happened to be in search of his lady love.  When I asked what type of lady he was looking for I stressed what internal qualities he wanted his potential love to possess and he did not give me a single one.  He talked about hair and eyes and teeth, all of which are good things to have, but none of these things can gauge the quality of a person.

             When we got the conversation around to height he quickly informed me that since he was so tall he could never date or fall in love with anyone under 5’8”. 

             From that day forward I felt I would only encounter more of the same silliness.  I must tell you however, that Italian gentleman later admitted to me he knew his unrelenting stance about height has kept him single and alone.  

             And here I was thinking love was about commitment, sharing and caring, no one ever told me it was about height.  Don’t get me wrong I know the laws of attraction have their place but are we really willing to spend a life alone because of something so trivial?

             Let’s see what my next interviews  have to show us.  I sat down with another gent.  42 years old, tall very handsome and the one thing he was most proud of was that he was very fit, a gym rat he deemed himself.  So, why had he never been married?  He told me only a “blonde beauty queen” type could win his affections.

             The third man I interviewed was “Mr. Beauty Queen’s” friend I won’t give his stats but he was on this rant about how all the girls he keeps running into have short hair and how he, “hates short hair on women.”  Really?

              If love is about the deep and compassionate connection between two people when did it get reduced to hair color, hair length and height?  Not only is this revelation sad but it’s also very ridiculous.  I call all of this nonsense “surface living.”

             I know love and finding someone is way too vital to be trivialized by what’s on the surface.  Love, just like life is God’s precious gift and should never be taken for granted.

    Just think if those that came before us would have had conversations that went like this; “No, please don’t give me your love because you are too short and your hair is just not the right length, and the color of it well, that leaves much to be desired.”  I wonder where we would all be.

             Please, remember that love just like life can pass you by.  Don’t be the one left standing alone for all the wrong reasons.


– The above post was received, and published by (The Eastern Echo Newspaper)

May  12, 2009.  Printed on Bobbie’s Blog March 4, 2010 for those that requested to see it.

The Eastern Echo is the Campus Newspaper For Eastern Michigan University of which I am an alum.

Ms. Bobbie Jones – Freelance Writer – Canton, Michigan



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