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February 14, 2010

Posted by msbobbieg in Uncategorized.

Sings That You Need Help.

     On Jan. 31st I left my readers two very important phone numbers.  Those numbers were for people who can’t control themselves when it comes to alcohol consumption.

     If you are one of those people who need help and don’t know it here are some signs to look for….

1)  If you have one or more DUIs on your driving record. (Driving under the influence)

2)  Your driver’s license has been revoked, suspended or you have been told never to operate a car ever again.

3)  Your brand new car has more dings, dents and front end damage than it should.

4)  It’s been a couple of days since you had a drink but people still step back from the stench of alcohol coming from your body.

5)  After you have had a few drinks you can never seem to make it to the rest room on time.  Your pants pay the ultimate price.

6)  People tell you they can’t understand anything you are saying and this is before you start drinking.

7)  If your body is covered in black and blue marks from running into things and falling down stairs – it’s time to get some help.

     It is amazing to me the number of people I run into that have one, more or all of these signs starring them in the face

and they still refuse to take the steps they need to get the help that will save their Livers, Bladders and eventually their Lives.

Please share this with someone you love, and take care of yourselves,

Ms. Bobbie Jones

Freelance Writer, Journalist, Blog Writer

Canton, Michigan



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